The “Lateral Lift” method involves lipoplasty of the fat and skin from waist to buttock area. The crescent of skin, high up in the groin is then removed and the tissues below this are loosened - enabling them to be pulled up - and the ed Fascia Transfer (Lip Enhancement) - a sheet of muscle is taken from the temporal area and implanted in lip to provide a fuller look to the lips ges sewn together. Deep stitches are secured to the ligaments and bone so there is less of a tendency for the skin to fall down.
Egepol has become well known for our work in nose sculptor and artistry. With advanced techniques, such as computer imaging, we can create a beautiful design and shape that complements and provides balance to the entire face. Also, we have on an ENT Doctor & specialist on staff (Ear, Nose, Throat) to ensure individuals with breathing problems are well taken care of.
It includes a full brow / forehead / face and neck lift together with tightening of the upper and lower eyelids or eye bag removal. Also mechanical or chemical peeling of the skin around the mouth. When required, filler will be used to insert in those areas of the face that need adjustment because of extreme gravities.

Body Procedures

Liposculpture, tummy tuck, buttock enhancement, male breast reduction, mole removal, scar revision, spider or thread veins romoval… 

All Face Procedures

Botox, fat transfer, chemial peel, facial injections or sculpting, endoscopig brow lift, eyelid surgery, face lift, facial implants, chin augmentation... 

Breast Procedures

Breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast uplift, breast reconstruction, breast implant replacement & removal, inverted nipple, nipple reduction…

Medical Procedures

Botox Botox
BOTOX® is a formulation of botulinum toxin type A, derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is used to paralyze the facial muscles that...
Lip Enhancement Lip Enhancement
A sheet of muscle is taken from the temporal area and implanted in lip to provide a fuller look to the lips. 
Buttock/Thigh Enhancement Buttock/Thigh Enhancement
A procedure to remove excess skin and fat from either the inner or outer thighs of individuals in whom liposuction alone will not correct the aesthetic...
Hair Restoration-Transplant Hair Restoration-Transplant
Is a process in which hair from the back and sides of the scalp is moved to the balding area. All hair replacement techniques use your existing hair.
Dermabrasion Dermabrasion
A surgical technique used for acne & deep scars, tattoo removal, and wrinkles. By using a high speed rotating brush, the surgeon removes the top...
Chemical Peel Chemical Peel
Several chemicals are applied to the face containing phenol, croton oil, or trichloracetic acid, to peel away top layers of the skin, reducing fine...


At Egepol we use an advanced method called Ultrasonic Assisted Syringe Lipoplasty. In the Ultrasonic Method local anesthetic is injected to the fat tissue area.

Liposculpture (Lipoplasty) / Fat removal/ Body Contouring
Lipoplasty is very beneficial for women and men who are of normal weight but have isolated pockets of fat that cause certain areas of their body to appear disproportionate. These fat deposits may sometimes be inherited and generally do not respond to dieting or exercise. Lipoplasty is often the only way to eliminate them. While it is possible to undergo lipoplasty at almost any age, you will obtain the best results if your skin still has enough elasticity to achieve a smooth contour following fat removal. When skin is inelastic, as in some older patients, it may not restore well and a skin tightening procedure may be necessary.

If you’re considering this procedure…
At Egepol we use an advanced method called Ultrasonic Assisted Syringe Lipoplasty. 
In the Ultrasonic Method local anesthetic is injected to the fat tissue area. The fat is then liquefied by sound waves which are very effective in reducing bleeding, bruising and swelling. This technique is less traumatic to the skin and other soft tissue especially as small micro cannula syringes are used to suction the fat.

What it does do
Liposculpture contours specific parts of the body

What it does not do
Liposculpture should not be considered as the only means of reducing weight (although it can) or as a cure for cellulite.

Body areas where Liposculpture is most effectively applied:
Body Lift - more extensive procedure
Thigh Lift - more extensive than lipoplasty of the thighs
Lower & Upper abdomen (tummy)
Outer & Inner thighs
Love Handle
Upper arm
Lower back
Lower legs- calf
Male Breast - Under GA an incision is made in the lower part of the area surrounding the nipple. If the problem is caused by excess fat, this will then be removed by lipoclastic, otherwise glandular tissue will need to be removed.

Before the procedure patient’s comments about their bodies…
Beer belly. Unwanted fat. Problems with shape. Fat wont go away in certain areas even with exercise and diets. Double chin or fat neck. Flabby arms. Heavy highs. Friction inner thighs. Fat inside of knees. Love handles. 

Duration of operation
45 minutes to 3 hrs. Depending on amount of fat aspirated and area treated.

Ideal age
Under 55 with good skin tone

Length of stay in hospital
None to 1 day. Depends on patient’s desires and what areas are being treated.

Holiday stay requied to stay in Turkey if you are coming from abroad -
4 Days

GA is possible, however, LA with sedation is preferred.

After Procedure
Depending on the lipoplasty areas treated: bandages, a garmet or specialized sticky tapes applied to reduce swelling will be worn. Also, for certain procedures a corset provided by Egepol will be worn for 3-6 weeks.

Before the procedure
How much you currently weigh and whether you plan to lose or gain weight in the future will be factors in evaluating you for lipoplasty. Your Egepol surgeon may ask you about the effects of prior weight loss on the appearance of those areas which you have indicated for contouring. The surgeon will assess the elasticity of your skin and estimate the amount of fat to be removed for optimal results.

Length of time results last
Case to case basis.