The “Lateral Lift” method involves lipoplasty of the fat and skin from waist to buttock area. The crescent of skin, high up in the groin is then removed and the tissues below this are loosened - enabling them to be pulled up - and the ed Fascia Transfer (Lip Enhancement) - a sheet of muscle is taken from the temporal area and implanted in lip to provide a fuller look to the lips ges sewn together. Deep stitches are secured to the ligaments and bone so there is less of a tendency for the skin to fall down.
Egepol has become well known for our work in nose sculptor and artistry. With advanced techniques, such as computer imaging, we can create a beautiful design and shape that complements and provides balance to the entire face. Also, we have on an ENT Doctor & specialist on staff (Ear, Nose, Throat) to ensure individuals with breathing problems are well taken care of.
It includes a full brow / forehead / face and neck lift together with tightening of the upper and lower eyelids or eye bag removal. Also mechanical or chemical peeling of the skin around the mouth. When required, filler will be used to insert in those areas of the face that need adjustment because of extreme gravities.

Dr. Banu Hasipoglu

Born in Istanbul, she graduated from Cerrahpaşa Medical School of Istanbul University and got her master’s degree in hospital management from the Business Management Faculty of Istanbul University, ranking third in the top graduates list. She worked as a producer and host of health programs aired daytime on weekdays by BRT and Medical Channel. Married with a daughter, Banu Hasipoğlu M.D. is working as Medical Director of Özel Levent Ege Polyclinic.